Monday, October 8, 2012

The King's Heart

I read a nice little three star review on Amazon today for The King's Heart. The reviewer admitted they hadn't read The King's Tale first, and was disappointed that there wasn't more drama in The King's Heart. The speculation was that there was probably more drama in The King's Tale, and I reckon they are correct. At least in my mind there is a lot of drama in The King's Tale.

So, this leads me to something I've hinted at before. The original version of The King's Heart did have a pretty dramatic scene in it, but at the request of the publisher I removed it. I could see the publisher's point, and rather than inadvertently send the wrong message, I revised the story. This was tough work, as I had built up the story in a lot of places to counteract this scene I removed. I fought to leave all these scenes in, even though as this Amazon reviewer noted, a lot of the sex scenes were rendered pointless.

In any case, a three star review is a win in my book, so I marked the review "helpful."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Passionate Cooks eCookbook!

The Passionate Cooks cookbook is now available!

I have a recipe included, and you can click here if you want to read a little short featuring Brad and Scott from Blue Moon. They tell how the salad was created in the first place.