Monday, March 15, 2010

Promises and Lies

It took me three years to write The King's Tale primarily because I wasn't writing it with the intent to get it published. I was writing it for myself, so I didn't have a huge push to get it done. I submitted it fully expecting it to be rejected, and was overjoyed to find it wasn't. My own name for it is TKT, that's what I refer to it as when I talk with my dear friend Danyel.

So, TKT took me three years, and the new novel, Promises and Lies, I'm working on is nearing completion of the first rough draft after only 6 months. I'm midway through chapter twenty five, and have finally decided there will be one additional chapter and an epilogue. With editing and rewriting, I figure at least another two to three months before it's ready to submit.

I'm excited about it, it's pretty much a straight romance, imo a very sweet story.

The Ides of March conquered me today, so I had to give up on writing, but I'm feeling very hopeful and optimistic.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010 GLBT Bookshelf Fundraiser

Visit the GLBT Bookshelf's March Fundraiser

Mel Keegan has worked tirelessly to make the GLBT Bookshelf a fantastic place. Please drop by to support the wiki and check out some new and discounted works by seven Bookshelf members, including a new short story by me.


Sam O'Brien and Mason Jackson are long time friends and roommates with benefits. Passionate martial artists they earn a living criss crossing the country putting on exhibitions with an elite team from their dojo. One snowy night in Atlanta Mason makes a startling revelation about his habits when he and Sam are parted, and a bitter argument ensues. Sam leaves Mason reeling in a drunken stupor and finds solace with the rest of the dojo at a party. Although Sam is morose about the argument he strikes up a conversation with Shan, another martial artist. Although the encounter is one-sided on Shan's part, when Sam returns home later Mason accuses him of the worst and kicks Sam out of their shared apartment.

Uncertainty lingers, and even though Sam feels betrayed he can't get Mason out of his head. Sam stays late in the dojo craving the solitude it provides, and the release from worry that working out brings. After weeks of separation Mason finds him there one night and promises things will change. Admissions are made on both sides, and the lovers turn a corner and agree to give things another chance.