Sunday, May 22, 2011

An update about "the gap"...

It's not a secret, I waste spend a lot of my free time on Facebook playing Zuma Blitz.  Granted, I could be spending a portion of that time writing, but I've always found it difficult to "let go" and write when I have things hanging over my head. I have another eleven days of school in this school year, and then finally the summer. Although I will have a lot of things to handle during the summer break, "finishing my novel" is top of the list.

In Zuma Blitz there's such a thing as a "gap shot"...I hit them pretty rarely. I have come to realize that my own venture in publishing novels is a lot like a gap shot. I hit it with The King's Tale but missed the gap with Promises and Lies.

But the illusive gap shot goes much further than that. I find it happening with other things. When I hit the gap, life is grand. More often though, I miss it, and then I revert back to that timid girl standing in the shadows watching life pass me by.