Saturday, August 21, 2010

Testing out my RSS Feed

Amazon Author's Central informed me that I would no longer be able to post a blog directly on my page there and that I would have to make use of an RSS feed. I've opted to send the feed from this journal, testing to make sure everything connects, so this is a repeat of news for this journal, but all new for my Amazon page.

Toward the end of July my manuscript Promises and Lies was accepted for publication by Dreamspinner Press. This new book is a contemporary romance pieced together from a series of short stories I wrote nearly ten years ago. It is just a straight romance. Sean is a successful business man who turned his wild youth into a promising career. As he enters his 30s he decides it is time to settle down. One day he spots Jeff, a troubled young man in his early 20s, walking his dog in the park. A friendship is born between them, and eventually the friendship turns to love. The story follows them as they work their way through the ups and downs of Jeff's dyslexia, an attempt to adopt a child, and eventually everything comes to a head when Jeff's appendix ruptures. Both men change and mature and through it all their bond grows stronger.

The story needs some editing, and I'm working through that now. Good news for readers of The King's Tale is that I have six chapters written for the sequel entitled The King's Heart. I usually don't make outlines for my stories, I let them flow on their own, but The King's Heart seemed to form in my head during the past year as I struggled through a change in my teaching career. As such, I wrote a very detailed outline, so once I get the chance to start working on it again it should flow fairly quickly.

Thanks again for your support and positive comments. Each one means the world to me.